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Kid-Friendly Activities at Victoria Falls

Kid Friendly Activities and Tours in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Are there kid-friendly activities at Victoria Falls? Can adults still experience Victoria Falls if they take their child or children? If you’re a parent who’s considering visiting for an upcoming holiday or vacation, then these questions have probably crossed your mind. The answer to both questions is yes.

While the Victoria Falls themselves aren’t considered incredibly safe for a small child or toddler (it’s advisable to hold on to kids when exploring here), there are many fun-filled and entertaining activities in the area that are suitable for youngsters. Kiddies over the age of 6 can partake in most activities.

Here’s another good reason to make your vacation a family holiday and tag your children along to Victoria Falls: kids pay less. That is, the fees to participate in paid Vic Falls activities in Zimbabwe and Zambia are lower for children than they are for adults. For a lot of the activities, kids pay half price.

Keep reading to learn about funtastic things to do in Victoria Falls with kids…

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe for Kids or Children

Kid-Friendly Activities at Victoria Falls

All Ages

At Victoria Falls, some of the favourite whole-family activities are the scenic tours. These include the Zambezi River Cruise, the Victoria Falls Steam Train Tour and the “The Flight of Angels”. This is a thrilling helicopter flight that gives tourists an unforgettable bird’s-eye view of the cascading waterfall and its surroundings.

Cultural activities such as the Traditional Village Tour are also popular among tourists with children, as are guided tours of Victoria Falls and tours of Spencer’s Creek Crocodile Farm (be sure to visit at feeding times). At The Boma Restaurant, kids and adults can enjoy top-notch African cuisine and entertainment under the stars.

For nature-loving families, there are birding safaris and day trips to Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest wildlife park. Here, visitors can swim, eat, observe wildlife and personally interact with African wild dogs. Horseback riding is another activity option if you’re going with fit, healthy children who can ride.

From 4/6/7 Years Old

On the topic of riding and safaris, the Elephant Back Safari in Victoria Falls is an activity that you don’t want to miss if you’re planning to take children aged 4 and older. You can get to ride a full-grown African elephant with your kids through the wilderness, bonding with the world’s largest land animal as you learn all about them.

Yearning for an authentic African safari experience? Apart from game drives offered in Victoria Falls National Park, adults and kids can take day trips to Chobe National Park in neighbouring Botswana. Big game sightings are guaranteed in this vast and biologically diverse place, where many fascinating creatures reside.

Non-safari kid-friendly activities at Victoria Falls that fall into the adventure category include the Canopy Tour, the Bridge Slide Adventure and Crocodile Cage Diving. These activities, while safe, definitely raise pulses. However, children over the age of 6 can participate if they’re brave enough. Kids over 7 can go on canoeing trips.

From 10 Years Old

Victoria Falls offers quite a lot in the way of adrenaline-charged activities, and families with preteens can participate in almost all of them. That includes Victoria Falls Bridge tours, the Flying Fox (where tourists get to glide along a cable across a massive gorge) and exhilarating microlight flights over the Falls.

In Livingstone Island, on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, adults and kids over 10 can swim, splash around and take in dramatic, breathtaking views in Devils Pool, a rock pool that lies at the edge of Victoria Falls. One can literally lie on the very edge of the waterfall on the rock lip and look into the 103-metre chasm below.

Of course, not everybody is after thrills and excitement. Others like to balance out adventure-filled holidays with some relation. For such people, there is fishing on the Zambezi River for kids and adults. Fishing trips are a great way to bond with youngsters. Plus, there are over 75 species of fish inhabiting the Zambezi waters.

From 12/14/15 Years Old

Victoria falls for kids over 12 makes available the prospect of abseiling (rappelling) at one of the most scenic sites in the world. This activity, which typically begins with a guided tour of the Falls, involves abseiling down 100 metres from a site near the Victoria Falls Bridge, with thundering waterfalls in the background.

Daring teens who are at least 14 years old are able to participate in Bridge Swinging in the Batoka Gorge (known as the Gorge Swing) and Bungee Jumping off the bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia – a 111-metre, nerve-shattering drop. Victoria Falls is actually rated as one of the world’s top bungee jumping destinations.

Lion walk and game walk tours are other 14+ kid-friendly activities at Victoria Falls. For teenagers over the age of 15, there is white-water rafting (in addition to all of the above), an extreme sport experience that takes participants deep into the rushing whirlpools of the Zambezi River amidst the Victoria Falls gorges.

Kid Activities Victoria Falls – Important Considerations

Some Victoria Falls activities (the riskier ones) allow children to participate but only if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian or have signed authorisation from one. Moreover, some degree of fitness or weight may be required with certain activities, and guides reserve the right to refuse unsuitable/at-risk individuals.

To get the most out of the activity or tour that you are planning to partake in, be sure to go during peak season when weather conditions are ideal. Read Victoria Falls – The Best Time to Visit to learn more. Note that the availability of particular Vic Falls activities often depends on the local climate and water levels.

Figuring out which family friendly activities to sign up for can be tricky, especially if everyone in your family wants to do their own thing. We can assist with planning your activities and help you select a suitable Victoria Falls Family Package. Call us on +263 832841348 for assistance or contact us here.