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Abseiling with Guided Tour of the Falls

Quick Details

Victoria Falls is one of the most scenic abseiling sites in the world with the backdrop of Victoria Falls, boiling pot, and famous Victoria Falls Bridge.

  • You abseil 110m down to the bottom taking in the views and land just on top of the boiling pot.
  • The thundering waterfalls will be in the background.
  • The rainbow is a common sight.
  • Abseiling activity starts with a guided tour of the falls.
Adult (Ages 12+)

The activity is professionally photographed and filmed using 360-degree camera to capture both you and unique scenery. The photos and videos are sold separately by a third-party provider at customer’s request.

Victoria Falls Abseiling Details

The abseiling activity starts with a guided tour of the falls. Afterward, we head to our launch site, which is just before the bridge and hidden behind the trees. After signing of waiver forms, a safety briefing is done. You’re kitted up in full body harness, ready to abseil 100m down to the bottom taking in the surrounding scenic views. The land on the apron of flat solid rock (Ruware) overlooking the boiling pot and straight ahead the view of the falls from below. The scenic experience down there is next to none and during hot months you are greeted with a refreshing breeze coming straight from the falls.

Once at the bottom, you’re unhooked from the ropes and now you can explore this area, giving you some time to relax in a less congested area and take in the inviting view of the Falls. The amazing Zambezi white water rapids are a mere stone’s throw away and not forgetting the view of the historic bridge from below.

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