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Devils Pool and Livingstone Island Tour

Quick Details

Have the thrill of your life swimming at the very edge of the breathtaking falls as you swim inside Devils Pool and tour Livingstone Island.

  • Admire scenic views of the Victoria Falls from a whole new perspective
  • Swim in Devils Pool on the edge of the falls
  • Tour Livingstone Island
  • Enjoy a bush breakfast, lunch or afternoon snacks and drinks

Be rewarded with truly spectacular views while gazing at the 100 meter drop into thundering waters below.

Important Information

  • This tour is available only on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, with transfers available from other locations.
  • Swimming in Devils Pool is a seasonal activity available only when water levels in the Zambezi River are sufficiently low as to allow for safe swimming. Although the period varies each year, this is normally between late August and early January.
  • The Livingstone Island tour is also seasonal and available only when water levels in the Zambezi River are low enough to allow safe access to the Island. This is usually between early July and early March.
  • You don’t need to be a strong swimmer as the current is slow.
  • Spare swimming costumes are available in case you felt you weren’t brave enough, but suddenly work up the courage.
  • Inform your provider of any special dietary requirements.
  • Be sure to book ahead for this tour.
  • Chevron down Why You'll Love This
  • You get to enjoy a completely different perspective and views of Victoria Falls unlike any other when you swim in Devils Pool and tour Livingstone Island. Your journey begins at your hotel in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, from where you are picked up for a morning or afternoon departure.

    Your minibus makes its way across the border into Zambia and then transports you to the Royal Livingstone Hotel meeting point, where you’re welcomed and given a detailed safety briefing before your Devils Pool tour. Friendly and experienced guides take you step by step through what to expect on your upcoming adventure. You then go on a five-minute boat ride taking you through the Zambezi River current, twisting and turning as your captain navigates their way through rocky channels. Enjoy the exhilaration while heading towards the column of spray rising from the falls.

    When you get to the rocky Livingstone Island, the staff greets you with a traditional energy drink before you are guided to the edge of the waterfall on the eastern side of the island, which overlooks Rainbow Falls and the Horseshoe. You’re then lead to the island’s western side which overlooks the Main Falls, where you enjoy magnificent views of the main water torrent gushing over the basalt edge of the falls. This is unlike any view of Victoria Falls, and offers a perspective completely different from that of the Rainforest paths on the Zimbabwean side of the canyon. When it’s sunny, the rainbows on the morning trip are jaw-dropping.

    You’re then taken into Devils Pool – but only if you’re comfortable. Once ready in your swimming costume, your guide leads you while explaining the route. You swim upstream in a slow current with a rope in place for safety. You then climb onto a different rocky outcrop near the fall’s edge and the Devils Pool. Lie on the rock lip at the pool’s edge and gaze right into the chasm of Victoria Falls, as massive water torrents flow just meters away. If you bring your camera, the guides can take photos and videos of you while you enjoy an adrenaline rush.

    Upon your return to the Island, the staff treats you to a wonderful bush breakfast, lunch, or snacks, depending on the time of day. At the end of this magical tour of Devils Pool and Livingstone Island, the boat returns you to the Royal Livingstone Hotel departure point. Your driver transports you back across the border into Zimbabwe and on to your hotel in Victoria Falls town.

  • Chevron down What's Included?
    • Transport to and from your hotel within Victoria Falls town
    • Experienced and qualified guide
    • A bush breakfast served in the morning. Lunch, snacks and drinks are served in the afternoon
    • Guided Swimming in Devils Pool and tour of Livingstone Island
  • Chevron down Session Length
    • There are 5 trips available from the morning to afternoon
    • Each tour lasts a maximum of 2 hours
    • Your specified pick-up time will be confirmed on your voucher
  • Chevron down What to Bring
    • Swimming costume
    • Camera with waterproof sleeve
    • Sunglasses
    • Your booking voucher
  • Chevron down Age Requirements
  • The tour is suitable for all ages, including families and groups

  • Chevron down Prices
    • The price quoted is for one person.
    • Children under 5 years old will pay half price
    • Prices may be subject to change, please check with your tour provider