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How to Get to Victoria Falls for First-Time Travellers

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

How many tourists visit Victoria Falls each year? Roughly 1 million. It’s not hard to understand why. The sights are spectacular, and there are many fun, thrilling and adventurous things to do in Vic Falls. The problem is, a lot of people can’t find Victoria Falls on a map and don’t know how to get here.

Most tourists travelling to Victoria Falls hail from the USA, Germany, Australia, France and Japan, but the UNESCO World Heritage Site also receives a great deal of visitors from Canada, Switzerland, Italy, India, China and the UK. As one might expect, Victoria Falls attracts many locals from neighbouring countries.

Where is Victoria Falls located? In southern Africa. The Falls themselves lie at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, on the Zambezi River. Victoria Falls town, which has a 30 000+ population, is situated in the province of Matabeleland North in Zimbabwe, at the western end of the waterfall.

For vacationers planning to visit “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, this post details how to travel to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe (the better side – see Victoria Falls: Zimbabwe vs Zambia) from both African cities and abroad.  We also provide useful tips for the trip ahead. Here’s what you need to know before you go…

Guide How to Get to Victoria Falls

How to Travel to Victoria Falls from Abroad?

The only way to travel to Victoria Falls from Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas is by airplane, of course. That is, after researching, planning (don’t forget to check the validity of your passport) and booking accommodation, etc., you will need to book a return flight with your preferred airline to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or Zambia. Once you arrive in the country, you can take a taxi from the airport to your place of accommodation.

What Airport Do You Fly into for Victoria Falls?

International fliers have the option of two nearby airports when travelling to Victoria Falls in Africa – Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe and Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport in Zambia, which was once called Livingstone Airport. Both airports are situated less than 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) from the Victoria Falls. Transfers to your hotel, guesthouse or lodge can be booked ahead of time with various companies.


How to Get to Zimbabwe from African Cities?

How to Get to Victoria Falls from Cape Town?

There are many ways to get to Victoria Falls from Cape Town, South Africa. You can drive, take a bus, go by train or fly. The cheapest way to get there is by bus or train, while the fastest is to fly. By plane, getting there takes approximately 6h 10m. The distance between Cape Town and Victoria Falls is 1925 kilometres. The road distance is 2458 kilometres. Some travellers consider a Rovos Rail journey the best way to get to Victoria Falls.

How to Get to Victoria Falls from Johannesburg?

Tourists travelling from Johannesburg have the same travel options as those coming from the “Mother City” (Cape Town). The distance is significantly shorter, though, so getting to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe doesn’t take as long. You can fly to Victoria Falls in just 5 hours and 30 minutes. You can drive there in 16h 30m. If you go by bus or combine bus and train travel, you can reach the Falls in 26-34 hours – roughly a day and a half.

How to Get to Victoria Falls from Harare?

If you’re heading to Victoria Falls from Harare, your options are bus travel, train travel and air travel. You’ll fly from Harare International Airport to Victoria Falls Airport. Visitors to Victoria Falls also have the option of driving, although driving the 880 kilometres from Harare (via Bulawayo) takes about 12 hours. By bus, it’s a 13-hour journey to Vic Falls, but the buses that run these routes are comfortable luxury coaches.

How to Get to Victoria Falls from Bulawayo?

Getting from Bulawayo to Victoria Falls doesn’t take very long. You can drive there in under 6 hours and make it by train in 12h 30m using the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ). For those who prefer air travel, you can fly to Livingstone in Zambia in 5 hours or to Kasane in Botswana in 5h 25m. If you choose the latter option, you will still need to travel by bus for over an hour. Direct flights to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe from Bulawayo are pricy.

How to Get to Victoria Falls from Lusaka?

There are direct flights to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe from Lusaka in Zambia, or tourists can fly from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to Livingstone and then drive 21 kilometres to the Zimbabwean Falls. If you’d prefer to drive all the way from Lusaka in your own vehicle, it is possible to reach your destination in less than 7 hours. A Mazhandu Family Bus Service trip will get you there in about the same amount of time.

How to Get to Victoria Falls from Nairobi?

In Nairobi, Kenya? You travel to Victoria Falls by bus and train, using services such as Dar Lux, Juldan Motors and TAZARA. Alternatively, one can drive to the Falls in Zimbabwe, which is almost 2,900 kilometres away. This will take you a little over 43 hours at a moderate pace. If you opt to fly to Victoria Falls, it is possible to take a direct flight to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or fly to Livingstone in Zambia and then cross the border by car.


Tips for First-Time Travellers to Victoria Falls

  • Do I need a visa to visit Victoria Falls? You may need to purchase a Visa in order to enter Zimbabwe and Zambia. The specifications differ for visitors, depending on your passport. Obtaining the wrong Visa is costly and will cause problems when crossing through Immigration. Be sure to research this thoroughly – Visa regulations change frequently.
  • What is the best currency to use in Zimbabwe? It’s important to bring enough cash money with you to Zimbabwe, where the currency is USD, as there is a lack of cash in the country (don’t count on being able to draw cash from ATMs) and not everyone accepts credit cards. You will also need cash for park fees, tips, transfers, curio purchases and incidentals.
  • There are downloadable applications that can help with how to travel to Victoria Falls and guide tourists on getting around in the area. These are available from Google Play and the Apple App Store. There are also currency converters, calculators and various other applications that are useful for travellers.
  • Book all activities in advance, if possible. This will save you from wasting valuable holiday time making decisions and ensure that there will be space for you. Some activities allow limited numbers of people and are always fully booked; you may not be able to participate if you attempt to book onsite.
  • Many leisure touring companies, including Tamuka Travel, offer Victoria Falls package deals that include activities, accommodation, meals, transportation and more. These packages have been put together to save travellers time and money while providing a fantastic Vic Falls experience. Take advantage.

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