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March 2021 Update: Victoria Falls’ Travel Restriction Eases

We have had a bountiful rainy season in Zimbabwe, which is good news for tourists who want to enjoy the splendour of Victoria Falls. Even better news is that there has been an easing of travel restrictions within the country making it simpler for travellers to book one of the many Victoria Falls tours. Come and enjoy a drink while relaxing in the Devil’s Pool as the sun sets over the Zambezi River.

Sunset Over Victoria Falls

Sunset Over Victoria Falls

This is also a great relief for the many hotels and tour operators in Victoria Falls who are ready and eager to receive guests. Tourism in the area has been hit hard by the lockdown but all the necessary safety measures have been put in place and the risk of a COVID-19 resurgence is low.

So what can you do and what do you have to do? Below is a list of all the restrictions and requirements for tourists and businesses in Zimbabwe as of the 23 March 2021.

As always these restrictions are subject to change so make sure to check for updates and your own region travel requirements before making any travel bookings.

Flights to Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

International flights to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe are allowed. The big change for travellers flying in is that they no longer have to self-isolate for 14 days unless they test positive for COVID-19. Tourists arriving at Victoria Falls Airport will be denied entry unless they can produce a negative COVID-19 test issued in the past 48 hours. There will also be temperature tests and anyone with a temperature above 38℃ wil have to take a COVID-19 test at their own expense.

Can Tourists Drive to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe?

Land borders are still closed to all except returning residents and authorised cargo. Domestic and intercity travel is allowed so if you are coming in from Harare or Bulawayo you should have no trouble getting to Victoria Falls Town.

What Other Restrictions are in Place?

Other lockdown restrictions include:

● A curfew from 22h00 to 05h30.
● Supermarkets must be closed by 19h00.
● Restaurants are only allowed to open for takeaways and delivery.
● Bars, nightclubs and gyms are all still closed
● Schools are closed but are getting ready to open.
● If you are mourning the passing of a loved one funeral gatherings are still restricted to 30 people.
● Social gatherings are now allowed but are limited to 50 people so keep your weddings and parties small.

For tourists who are worried that the closure of bars and restaurants will mean that Victoria Falls Town will be lifeless and boring, don’t be. First off hotel restaurants are still open to guests. Also Victoria Falls tour operators have a range of tour packages where guests can enjoy an outdoor meal in sight of the majestic, cascading waters.

Another treat for those travellers who decide to visit the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe will be the unprecedented solitude. All hotels are currently operating at a reduced capacity, which means that there are fewer tourists. If you are looking to enjoy the falls without queues there has never been a better time. Tamuka Travel is ready to welcome you with an array of incredible tours.