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Guided Tour of Victoria Falls

Quick Details

Stand at the edge of the Victoria Falls to witness one of the greatest shows on Earth – the raging waters of the Zambezi River crashing into the Batoka Gorge.

  • Best vantage points to see the magnificent falls close up.
  • Expert and knowledgeable guides.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Learn about the geology, history, and wildlife of this iconic landmark.

This experience takes you through parts of the Victoria Falls Rainforest to the precipice opposite the massive cascade. From here, there are unencumbered views of the main falls. Get ready to witness the remarkable power of nature, and a spectacle you will remember for all your life.

Important Information

  • The guided Victoria Falls tour is suitable for all ages.
  • Be safe. At some of the viewing points the barriers are nothing more than a pile of branches. Do not be tempted to cross them to try and get a better view of the falls. The vistas from the viewpoints are incredible enough.
  • Refunds are not made if you cancel your booking on the same day or the day before your guided tour of the falls.
  • Please remember to respect local customs. For further guidance on social conventions, ask your guide.
  • This tour DOES NOT cover park entry fees: $30 international, $20 SADC, $7 Zimbabweans to go directly to the Park.
  • Be sure to book ahead for this tour so that your booking runs smoothly.