The Boma Restaurant

Quick Details

Enjoy an indulgent dinner infused with Zimbabwean cuisine which is guaranteed to be an experience like no other!

  • An unforgettable experience with African dancing, drumming, and food
  • Meet a traditional Witch Doctor and have your fortunes told
  • All you can eat four-course meal
  • Try some local delicacies such as Mopani worms and game stews

The Boma Restaurant is famous for its warthog fillet and local delicious but for the less adventurous there is pork, fish, chicken, and beef. There is also a wide range of salads and vegetarian meals too. You’re assigned a waiter who looks after you during the course of your dinner and show, explaining the various options available to you.

Advance reservations are necessary for The Boma Restaurant.

  • Chevron down Why You'll Love This
  • Upon arrival you’re welcomed with a traditional greeting in both Shona and Ndebele, after which you’re dressed in a traditional robe called chitenges. Then, you’re invited to take part in a hand washing ceremony before sampling snacks which can be washed down with chibuku (local beer). Before going in for the main course there is an outside cash bar where you can get a drink and watch African dancers. Once inside The Boma all your senses come alive with its unique tastes, sights, sounds, and smells of Africa. With Amakwezi traditional dancers, singers, a local story teller, Sangoma (traditional healer), and a drumming extravaganza, this will be an unforgettable night!

  • Chevron down On the Day
    • Arrive no later than 7 pm
    • Don’t rush off after dinner, as you can join in the drumming extravaganza from 21:00, which is always a highlight of the evening
    • Allow 3 hours for this experience
  • Chevron down What's Included?
    • Return transfers
    • All-you-can-eat four-course meal
  • Chevron down What's Not Included?
    • Drinks
  • Chevron down Dress Code
  • Dress casually in light clothing in the summer months from September to April and in warm clothing during the winter months from May to August.

  • Chevron down Guidelines
    • Both you and your guest must be over 18 years of age to consume alcohol during this experience
    • Please advise The Boma of any special dietary requirements