Bridge Swing in Victoria Falls

Quick Details

Join us, as we bring you to one of the largest swings in the world with an impressive 80 meter freefall.

  • Step off the Victoria Falls Bridge into the Batoka Gorge
  • Stand in an upright position for an 80 meter freefall
  • Become a human pendulum as you swing in a huge arc
  • Absorb the beautiful scenery before being winched back up

Important Information

For this bridge swing tour at Victoria Falls, you need to bring your passport with you to get access to the bridge. This does not permit you to cross into the country on the other side.

  • Participants must be at least 14 years of age.
  • The minimum weight limit for jumpers is 40 kilograms, while the maximum limit is 140 kilograms.
  • Jumps take place throughout the year, except during inclement weather.
  • The jumps take place during bridge operating hours: 09:00 to 17:00 (10:00-17:00 between March and June).
  • There is a café at the Victoria Falls Bridge, serving meals, snacks, and refreshments.
  • There are no refunds for cancellations made the day before or on the same day as the jump.
  • Chevron down Why You'll Love This
  • This nerve jarring activity is only for the brave and those who are used to the sudden rush of adrenalin. If you are the daredevil type, then you are in for one hell of a jump! Having booked your bridge swing activity and the convenient time you want to do it, you are then taken through the formalities and assessed for any health challenges. Other important details such as your weight and height are documented and filed away as well.

    The staff has you properly rigged and ensures you have the necessary safety harness and gives you safety instructions and procedures. At this point, you are ready to take your place on the jumping platform, and once positioned correctly it’s time to fly (technically swing).

    On the platform, you can feel the rush of wind off the Batoka Gorge and the beautiful Zambezi River looks unconcerned as it snakes its way right under you. Further ahead of you is the stunning and imposing landscape of Victoria Falls, set against the background of the dying African sun, in all its glory.

    As you are trying very hard to steady your breath and to give your sweaty hands firm control over the rope, the crew starts the countdown 3, 2, 1………. and off you go letting out a loud scream. Words cannot describe your feelings as you enjoy the incredible scenes around you while the momentum of the rope dies out gradually. At the end a crew is lowered down to bring you up and instruct and guide you on what to do after your Victoria Falls Bridge swing.

  • Chevron down What's Included?
    • Courtesy transport to and from your accommodation in Victoria Falls.
    • Experienced and qualified jump masters.
    • Safety briefing and jump instructions.
    • All the required safety equipment, including helmet.
  • Chevron down Session Length
  • The duration of your time at the bridge, including the jump is approximately one hour.

  • Chevron down What to Bring
    • You must take your passport.
    • Your sense of adventure.
    • Wear trainers or other tight-fitting shoes. You can also jump barefoot if you prefer.
    • Please do not wear boots as these can interfere with ankle harnesses.
    • Dress according to the weather, in comfortable casual clothes.
    • Many jumpers wear brightly coloured clothes so they are easily spotted when their adrenalin-charged moment is captured on camera.
    • Glasses and hard contact lenses cannot be worn, but soft contact lenses are permitted for jumping.
    • Don’t bring scarves, ropey necklaces or anything that could get caught up in a bungee cord.
    • You must notify passport control that you are going to The Bridge Swing but no visa or stamps are necessary
  • Chevron down Prices
    • $160 for solo
    • $205 for tandem