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Victoria Falls Segway Tours – A Great Way to Explore the Falls


What do you get when you combine Victoria Falls tours with Segway two-wheel personal transporters? Victoria Falls Segway Tours, which are a fun-filled and ultra-convenient way to experience the world’s largest waterfall and its stunning surroundings.

Guided tours of Victoria Falls have been available for some time through Tamuka Travel but our latest offering ups the ante by injecting an extra dose of fun, convenience and entertainment into an already magical and memorable event aimed at holidaymakers visiting Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The Victoria Falls Guided Segway tour takes the effort out of getting to and viewing all the amazing attractions that “Mosi-oa-Tunya” has to offer, elevating the enjoyment factor and making it possible for more people to experience the magnificence of “The Smoke that Thunders”.

Here’s what you need to know about Victoria Falls and our latest Victoria Falls Segway Tours…

Why Victoria Falls?

If an unforgettable African holiday filled with beauty and adventure is one of the items on your bucket list, Victoria Falls won’t leave you wanting. A visit to this enchanting place provides the rare opportunity to view one of the unbelievable Seven Natural Wonders of the World up close. It also gives you the chance to explore a variety of fascinating attractions and engage in a plethora of exciting activities suited to almost every interest.

For thrill-seeking tourists, Victoria Falls offers safari adventures, white water rafting, crocodile cage diving, horseback riding, bungee-jumping, bridge swinging, helicopter rides and much more. Or, take a dip in the infamous Devil’s Pool if you dare. For those who prefer more relaxed settings and activities, there are canoeing excursions, fishing trips and sunset boat cruises, cultural tours, luxury steam train rides and guided tours of Victoria Falls.

The Guided Tour of Victoria Falls has long been a favourite activity among people visiting the Falls in Zimbabwe. This is a professionally guided walking tour of Victoria Falls that takes tourists to numerous scenic viewpoints via the Victoria Falls Rainforest before reaching the precipice right opposite the colossal cascade. From here, one can look over into Zambia and enjoy incredible, unencumbered views of the main falls and the Victoria Falls Bridge.

Why Victoria Falls Segway Tours?

Our Victoria Falls Segway Tour is essentially an upgraded version of the Victoria Falls Guided Walking Tour that we offer. Like the walking tour, it takes tourists along picturesque paths, roads and sidewalks to 16 captivating viewpoints in Victoria Falls. What’s unique about the Segway tour, though, is that you get to discover the Falls by Segway. That is, tourists get to glide along effortlessly exploring and learning about Mosi-oa-Tunya in a Segway personal transporter.

The Segway PT (we use the Ninebot Elite model) is a self-balancing two-wheeled motorised vehicle designed to transport humans conveniently. It is compact, light and safe, making it perfect for covering the four-kilometre Victoria Falls tour in an enjoyable, undemanding way. Out of shape? Not able to walk long distances? On the Segway Tour, your personal transporter removes the physical strain of walking, while adding a touch of fun. No licence required.

Tourists concerned about being able to ride the Segway needn’t worry. The battery-operated transporter, which is suitable for children (14 years and older) and adults, is surprisingly easy to operate. Moreover, helmets are provided for safety and our professional guides conduct short training sessions before every tour departs. The Segway has a top speed of approximately 20 kilometres per hour and is controlled using a comfy handlebar attached to a pole.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

For your convenience, Victoria Falls Segway Tours by Tamuka can be taken at different times during the day throughout the year. There are currently three tours available, each of which offers something special and rather remarkable in terms of what tourists will see and experience. The first tour departs at 7 in the morning, the second tour at 10 a.m. and the third tour at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The tours last approximately two hours.

While there is no particular dress code for the Segway Tour, tourists are encouraged to wear smart casual clothing and comfortable non-slip shoes for safety purposes. Women should avoid skirts and high-heeled shoes. Since Victoria Falls can get quite cold during the winter months and extremely hot during the summer, tour-goers should consider bringing a jacket, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, as well as a backpack and some refreshments.

Interested in taking one of our Victoria Falls Segway Tours in Zimbabwe? Book through our website today or contact us for more information.