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Victoria Falls vs World Famous Waterfalls – How They Compare

Victoria Falls – One of the 7 Natural Wonders of The World

When it comes to waterfalls, there are many that have captured the attention of the world. From the stunning Niagara Falls with its crashing waves and mist, Iquazu Falls’s rainbow of colors and Angel Falls sheer size and beauty, there are plenty of waterfalls that attract tourists year round. The list goes on.

These falls all have something different about them that has made them famous throughout the years and continue to draw tourists year after year – but what makes Victoria Falls so special?

Victoria Falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls on earth. It has a height of 108 meters (354 feet) and width of 1,708 meters (5,604 feet), making it among the largest waterfalls on our planet! This natural wonder attracts multitudes each year with its majestic beauty that can be seen from any vantage point around it – people come to see for themselves why locals call this awe-inspiring waterfall Mosi-oa-Tunya or “The Smoke That Thunders.”


Victoria Falls – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Victoria Falls is one of the world’s natural wonders and rightfully so. UNESCO has deemed this fall one of the most spectacular falls in the world. No wonder why it’s impossible to overstate the awe and splendour one experiences when viewing it firsthand.

Victoria Falls is an awe-inspiring natural wonder that has been admired for decades. It was named after Queen Victoria by Scottish missionary Dr. David Livingstone in the 1850s and serves as an ideal spot for exploration and sightseeing today.

This incredible natural wonder stands out as one of the most enchanting places on earth. With its raging torrents 350 feet deep and more than 5000 feet wide, lush landscapes with about 200 different types of plant species and about 500 bird varieties, it’s no wonder that this natural treasure is so wondrous to explore.

One of the most impressive attractions in Africa, and a major tourist attraction for Zimbabwe and Zambia, this beautiful attraction has been sought out by visitors from everywhere to view the falls in person for centuries.

But how does it measure up to other famed waterfalls around the globe?


Victoria Falls vs Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a desirable tourist destination on the border of Canada and the US that people have been flocking to for over 200 years. It’s not difficult to understand why. Made up of three waterfalls – the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls – Niagara Falls is a geological wonder that exudes beauty. Moreover, there’s a range of ways to see the falls, which have a height of 51 metres (167 feet) in some sections.

Niagara Falls is a dramatic sight to behold, but it can’t compare with the raw power of Victoria Falls.

The mist that gathers at Niagara Falls and drifts across the gorge offers an ethereal experience for visitors who take in its beauty from behind glass. While Victoria Falls features staggering quantities of water crashing down into deep ravines, and it’s possible to get right up close.

The sheer size of Victoria also makes it a more grandiose site than Niagara, with the surface area twice as big than that of its rival – so there’s much more to see as you travel around the falls’ perimeter.

From April to June, when it rains most and water levels are high, the rainbow sprouting spray from the cascade in Victoria Falls rises 400 meters above the falls and can be seen 50 kilometres away. Imagine being engulfed in a sea of thick mist that never seems to land. That’s what the spray feels like in Victoria Falls when it’s at its most intense, and to witness this is said to be one of life’s great experiences.

The falls’ thundering roar also makes it more impressive than Niagara because visitors are able to get much closer to the falls.

There are also numerous vantage points/activities that provide unforgettable views of Victoria Falls, including Helicopter Flights, Boat Cruises along the Zambezi River and Zip-lining.

At the end of your tour, you would have seen Victoria Falls from all angles and experienced it in many different ways.

Which is better, Victoria Falls or Niagara? The answer to this question depends on your goals and expectations. Both are breathtaking destinations that don’t disappoint. Victoria Falls has more to offer in the way of adventure activities. The choices include wildlife safaris, white water rafting, bridge swinging and abseiling as well as bungee jumping and crocodile cage diving.

Victoria Falls vs Niagara Falls how do they compare

Victoria Falls vs Niagara Falls How Do They Compare


Victoria Falls vs Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is located on Argentina’s border with Brazil and Paraguay, making it an international destination for travellers from all over the globe to marvel at its sheer magnitude.

It is a close competitor to Victoria Falls when it comes to size and beauty. The falls are situated on the border of Argentina and Brazil, so it straddles both countries with its own series of cascades. It boasts a width of 2.7 kilometres (8,858 feet) and a height of between 64 and 82 metres (210-269 feet), making it wider than Victoria Falls. Iguazu Falls offers an abundance of activities and entertainment options, as well as a variety of decent places of accommodation nearby.

While Iguazu Falls is wider than Victoria Falls, it is not as tall, it measures a total of 82 metres (269 feet) compared to Victoria Falls’ 354-feed drop.

When it comes to getting close access, Iguazu Falls is a little more difficult. As there are 275 distinct falls that can’t be seen from all angles – tourists would have limited access to the falls if they wanted to see all of them. In terms of reaching the falls, Victoria Falls provides more accessibility.

You may not be able to swim closely in Iguazu Falls, but there are some ways you can experience it up close. Victoria Falls’ boasts of a natural pool that offers an incredible vantage point from which to view Victoria Falls. Devil’s Pool offers visitors an opportunity to swim in its refreshing waters while enjoying the falls up-close.

What is the best destination, Victoria Falls or Iguazu Falls? Iguazu Falls and Victoria Falls are both must-see, but they have different features.

As two of the most celebrated natural waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls and Iguazu are both worthy destinations for any traveller. But what sets each one apart? It all depends on your interests. If experience and exploration is more up your alley, then head over to Victoria Falls where there will be plenty of animals roaming and you can spot big game animals and there are parks and game reserves to explore. However, if you prefer nature walks or birdwatching, then Iguazu may be more suited for you. Although there are also great views on both sides of Victoria Falls to see over different varieties of birds or animals.

As two of the most celebrated natural waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls and Iguazu are both worthy destinations for any traveller.

As two of the most celebrated natural waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls and Iguazu are both worthy destinations for any traveller.


Victoria Falls vs Angel Falls

Angel Falls is situated in Venezuela and is the world’s highest waterfall which plunges at a whopping 989 metres (3,212 feet). Descending over the edge of the Auyán-Tepuí (Devil’s Mountain) in the Canaima National Park, Angel Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Venezuela. The Venezuelan waterfall is one that you will not want to miss. The site has gorgeous surroundings and tourists can enjoy nature walks, BASE jumping, swimming or kayaking.

It may be the tallest in the world, but Angel Falls isn’t very wide with a width of only 150 metres (500 feet). Victoria Falls has double Angel Falls’ rate of flow and twice as much width. Victoria Falls is wider, and the water is more powerful.

You’ll be amazed by the sheer height and beauty of Angel Falls, but if you’re looking for a truly jaw-dropping waterfall experience then Victoria falls is where it’s at.

For those who have seen both falls, many are drawn to Victoria Falls’ unmatched beauty and breathtaking views. It is hard to disagree with that statement as the sheer magnitude and power of this waterfall makes it impossible not to be impressed by its beauty. And while those who are fans of both may argue about which falls is much more impressive, there’s no denying that they are two completely different experiences.

So, if you ever had a chance to visit either destination, we recommend experiencing both for yourself before making up your mind!

Victoria Falls vs Angel Falls

Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall, while Victoria Falls is the better choice if you’re looking for an immersive experience.


Victoria Falls vs Yosemite Falls

An awe-inspiring natural spectacle among spectacles. The Yosemite Falls plunges from a high cliff within the landscape of grandeur. Said to be the fifth tallest in the world, it is an amazing sight to behold.

Yosemite Falls drops at 2,425 feet (739 m) into a pool below, plunging into two massive cliffs known as Half-Dome and El Capitan. These famous rock formations together with the dramatic waterfall create one of the most iconic images in California.

But just how does this natural wonder compare to Victoria Falls?

Yosemite is made up of 3 different cascades: Upper, Middle and Lower cascades. These cascades are all within the same ‘Yosemite Valley’.

Yosemite Valley contains many other waterfalls, the highest and most famous being Bridalveil Fall, Vernal Fall and Ribbon Fall. Visiting Yosemite Valley, you would be able to explore these other waterfalls.

The Victoria Falls divide into a series of four major cascades: Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Eastern Cataract. The Main Falls is a sheer curtain of water plummeting in one uninterrupted, breath-taking sheet over an 80-meter-wide rock face. It plunges down 100 meters from near to ground level and spans some 272 metres at its widest point! Exploring all these parts of Victoria Falls is perfect, as you get to see all the different aspects of this spectacular natural wonder.

Both Victoria and Yosemite falls boast of its wonderful rock formations and breathtaking sights that can be seen from nearby vantage points.

But Yosemite Falls only has a short season. Visiting may be limited to a few months out of the year, as during winter months, accessing the falls is limited due to snow. And by late summer, Yosemite Falls’ cascading waters may dry up or diminish to a mere trickle.

Visiting Victoria Falls is possible all year round. When the sun shines, rainbows form from the cloud of mist that rises from its falls. Victoria Falls photography tours are a popular activity as people can take photos of these natural wonders up close. Victoria Falls is undeniably one of the world’s most gorgeous natural marvels!

There are many different activities you can do while visiting and staying in close proximity within Victoria Falls – from hiking, biking, kayaking horseback riding, bungee jumping and many more.

Which is better: Victoria Falls or Yosemite Falls?

Victoria Falls offers more opportunities for visitors to experience its beauty. If you’re looking for an immersive experience Victoria Falls is the better choice. Vic Falls has a great number of things to do! But if you want a quieter experience and long hikes you may want to choose Yosemite Falls.

Victoria Falls vs Yosemite Falls

Victoria Falls vs Yosemite Falls?


Victoria Falls vs World Famous Waterfalls

There are many world-famous waterfalls that can be found across the globe. For those who enjoy a sense of adventure, visiting these locations can make for a once in a lifetime experience.

Our earth is filled with many natural wonders, and these waterfalls are nature’s spectacular gifts. Other world-famous waterfalls well-worth your bucket list include: Gavernie Falls in Western Europe, Kahiwa Falls in South Pacific, Jog Falls in Asia and Multnomah Falls in North America. There’s an exhilarating feeling that comes with being near any of these waterfalls, and it’s a sensation that all who experience makes them want to return.

But is Victoria Falls better than all the rest? It depends on what you enjoy. Victoria Falls can be summed up into three words: adventure, excitement and thrill. It has a lot to offer for tourists and travellers.

A visit to Victoria Falls is a chance not only to see the world’s largest waterfall, but also to experience some of its most astounding natural attractions. The thunderous roar of water cascading over the edge and plummeting below is a sound like none other. Truly a breathtaking waterfall that you will never forget. Would you agree that Victoria Falls is one of the most majestic and amazing places on earth?

Experience the magic of Victoria Falls for yourself by booking a Victoria Falls tours now through Tamuka Travel. Alternatively, contact us here for more information on holiday tours and tour packages.